About Mixtape.Social

Hi, I am Michael McMinn and I have been drawn to stories my entire life. I help businesses large and small tell their unique story & connect with their audience in organic ways through Social Media, SEO, and Content Creation. Word of Mouth is still the best advertisement but businesses rarely believe they can generate organic word of mouth marketing. 

Marketing is like creating a Mixtape, like I did as a kid in the 80's. You want to elicit an emotional and positive response from your desired audience and you painstakingly craft the words and images that tell the perfect story to create a handcrafted and powerful message that resonates with your audience. Let's craft some messages that make your audience fall head over heels for you.


Social Media

Let us create social media messaging that engages customers, meets pain points, solves problems, answers questions and drives traffic to your website or point of sale.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

In the post-Covid world there is no doubt that internet and your website are your new front door. The map potential clients and customers use to find you is Google Search. Let Mixtape.Social create an SEO plan help you rank in the top of that search and drive browsers to your website (which is your online front door.) Search engine optimization will also help you attract the right customers, looking for the right products, willing to buy at the right time.

Content Creation

I write the words that make the world go 'round! As a highly sought after marketing writer I have created some engaging and attractive white label content for many brands you would recognize. Whether you are looking to punch up ad content, blog posts, or Evergreen content Mixtape.Social can generate the right messaging and develop a comprehensive marketing and communications plan.


More Marketing Options

Website Design

Mixtape.Social can help you design a website, rebrand or relaunch your existing website and take you into the future of online sales and marketing.


Not sure, where to begin? Let Mixtape.Social consulting work with your to determine your greatest needs, prioritize those needs, and define a strategy for long term growth and new customer acquisition.

Publications / Print Media

Mixtape.Social can not only help with your web presence through SEO, website design, social media and email marketing. We can help create quality publications, brochures, business cards and more for those in-person, in-hand marketing pieces.

Get Started

Connect with Mixtape.Social to discuss your marketing needs and to determine a plan of action to take your marketing to the next level and beyond.